Mutiny Recordings is based in Los Angeles California, founded by Ryan Gaines with a focus on the niche genres of Vintage, Electronica, and Contemporary Retro Rock.

Sunfeeder has a selection of songs currently under contract with Mutiny Recordings for global representation. For any Sync and Licensing inquiries please contact Ryan Gains at Mutiny Recordings.

Email: info at mutinyrecordings dot com


Color the Horizon is a boutique distribution label and sync & licensing agency representing writers, artists, producers & rights holders, providing an opportunity for them to have their music licensed and placed in a variety of media platforms such as film, TV, advertising, gaming and new media.



Clear Blue Fire is an Australian rock band formed in 2017 in Perth by Singer guitarist Anthony Nieves influenced by dirty rock & roll and the sounds of post surf rock, indie, blues and punk music with driving energy; Clear Blue Fire has a growing collection of songs destined for debut release.



One of several projects by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Nieves. Delivers the coolest blend of funk, soul & indie music with a fun uniqueness like no other! Quirky, playful and infectious!



Luvstar is one of several projects by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Nieves and the talents of producer Rob Agostini from SoundBaker.

Luvstar’s unique brand of music brings a welcomed familiarity, with vocals encompassing both power and tenderness, delivered with driving rock tempos, fat bass beats and infectious pop melodies.

Luvstar delivers strength and emotion in a polished production bursting with catchy solid hooks embracing technology in a modern pop & rock styling and encompassing strong emotive song-writing, merging themes of love & lust; from heart-felt emotions to basic primal instincts.



“Anthony Nieves” is a unique multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and prolific songwriter. His music is an infectious blend of acoustically driven contemporary rock/pop.

Anthony’s voice has drawn most attention, releasing strength and emotion with soulful restraint. Delivered with both power and tenderness, his smooth and enchanting vocals embrace emotional edginess and honesty captivating the listener.

“Lyrically Anthony exposes himself with an open display of emotional universal themes portraying deep and often personal topics, while maintaining a wide audience potential.”
XPRESS MAGAZINE (#1 West Australian, Music Magazine)